Welcome to the Final Blast Community!

Hey this is a personal message from me to you...

I want to say a massive thank you for your purchase recently, and as an independent artist with no recorded label or 3rd party middle man involved, your support means a lot!

This is more than just music, Final Blast is a community. A community of metal heads who love not just heavy metal music, but orchestral, epic soundscapes.

And we have simular SCI-FI / FANTASY movies and games in common too.

Because of this, I created a Facebook group called Sci-fi Fantasy and Epic Worlds which is where we can all post and share content together related to Epic music, art, video and video games!

It would be awesome to see you there and join the community of others alike


One last thing!

Your support helps me to continue to make more Galactic Space Metal, and I'm sure you have things in mind that you would like to see and hear more of from Final Blast.

I'm always looking to improve my music, videos, website and shop.

Even if you have T-shirt design ideas, FIRE AWAY!
Contact me via Email - Luke@finalblastmusic.com

Thanks for being apart of the journey and enjoy your purchase!

Final Blast