Welcome To The Final Blast Community!

Welcome To The Final Blast Community!

Hello there, Luke here!

Just a few things I want to tell you...

With there not being any record label involved in this project, this allows me and you to connect more personally and become good friends and talk metal \m/

Not just metal, but films, games and orchestral music too! 🎶

In fact, if this is definitely something you wanna talk to me more about you are always welcome to join my facebook group at Sci-fi, Fantasy and Epic Worlds

I tend to hang out there quite a lot with my friends too, and we share pictures, memes, videos and all sorts of crazy stuff. If you wanna join just click JOIN HERE

Second thing I wanna say is, when you do go shopping in my shop you are supporting an independent artist to carry on making music! 

I don't work for rich people in suits and ties telling me what to do hahahaa! WE decided what happens with this project. Me, you and the Final Blast squad!

In the shop we have CD's, T-shirts and we even have Coffee Mugs sizes 11oz and 15oz! If your like me, ya need a good cuppa tea in a morning to begin the days mission ;)

LASTLY...I want this to the best experience for you so if you have any suggestions on improving my Website, Shop, Merch and Content...fire away! Much appreciate your input on this project!

Thank you for joining me on this epic quest!

All the best,



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